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How to Remove Blinds?

How to Remove Blinds?

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Removing your blinds is an easy thing to do, doing that will help you change the entire feeling of a room. You can remove your blinds to perhaps replace them with wooden shutters, vertical blinds, or curtains. Whatever is your reason, below step by step process will make sure that the blinds are easily removed:

Open the Blinds

Firstly open the blinds all the way to stop them from being damaged during removal. To do that, pull the cord all the way down until the blinds are as high as they can go and pressed up against the top cover and metallic bar at the top of the window.

Remove top cover

You will have to remove the cover located at the top of the blinds to access the brackets. If you don’t see a cover, skip to the next step. If there is a cover, carefully pull it away from the brackets.

Find the Brackets

Try to locate the brackets holding your blinds in place. Sometimes brackets can be metal pieces that run in front of the blinds. These are the easiest to locate because they hold the blinds and latch around the front. Otherwise, the brackets may be located above the blinds in the small space between the blinds and top of the window, attached to the wall.

Loose the Blinds

Use a flat head screwdriver and pop open the brackets. Be sure to hold the blinds while you do this to avoid those to fall towards you. You should be able to pop the brackets or clips open with the flat head screwdriver without the blinds falling.

Take the blinds off the window

Grab the top of the blinds and outwards toward the middle of the room. This should be easily done. If not, check the top of the window again for additional brackets.

Install New Blinds

Now that you’ve removed your old blinds, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop from a variety of curtains and blinds from Solarblinds Edmonton. Up-to 70% off with no payment or the first 6 months.